बाबा नीम करोरी डिवाईन सोसायटी "बाबा नीम करोली महाराज" जी के कार्य और बड़ा तथा विश्वव्यापी बनाने की ओर अग्रसर है। जैसा कि बाबाजी ने दर्शाया कि आगे आने वाला युग मानवता का युग है और हम पाते हैं कि विज्ञान एवं प्रौद्योगिकी के कारण हम मानव आपस में कोने कोने से जुड़ रहे हैं। इस सोसायटी का लक्ष्य बाबाजी के दर्शाये हुये मार्ग को कार्यन्वित करना है।

जहाँ-जहाँ भी बाबाजी होते थे, वहाँ प्रसाद रूप मे भण्डारे की व्यवस्था होती है। वे कमज़ोर लोगों की सेवा मे ज़्यादा रुचि रखते थे। समाज के सम्पन्न लोगों को समाज की सेवा करने के लिये प्रोत्साहित व अग्रसर करते थे।

बाबाजी महाराज ने कहा था - सारा विश्व एक ही परम पिता की सन्तान है( The whole world belongs to the same father)।

आज तक के सारे विद्वानों के प्रयास को उन्होंने Love Serve Feed के माध्यम से समन्वित कर दिया।
बाबा नीम करोरी डिवाईन सोसायटी बाबाजी के उद्देश्य Feed All,जो कि Love All एवं Serve All का भी समन्वय है, का अनुगमन कर इस उद्देश्य को प्रोत्साहित करती है। बाबा नीम करोरी महाराज जी के अनन्य भक्त श्री रामदास जी, कृष्णदास जी, स्वर्गीय श्री स्टीव जाॅब्स, मार्क ज़ुकरबर्ग , जूलिया राॅबर्टस, लैरी ब्रिलियन्ट व अन्य कई लोग भी बाबा की philosophy पर अपने अपने ढंग से कार्यरत हैं। हमारी संस्था इन सब लोगों को साथ लेकर Feed All के उद्देश्य से कार्य कर रही है।

Unity in Diversity( अनेकता में एकता) बाबाजी का संदेश था और सब लोगों को मानवता के मंच पर लाकर खड़ा किया था उन्होंने। हम इस संदेश को बाबाजी महाराज का आदेश जान, इसका अनुसरण करते हुये समस्त विश्व में कार्य करेंगे। समय-समय पर और दूसरे मानवता के हित के कार्य भी हमारी सोसायटी, सबको साथ लेकर करेगी।
महाराज जी कहते थे - अन्नं ब्रह्म इति प्रोक्तमन्ने प्राणाः प्रतिष्ठिताः इसलिये सेवा के क्षेत्र में अत्यंत महत्ता व सबसे आवश्यक है अन्न के द्वारा सेवा कार्य को रूपान्वित करना।


Maharaj ji established at least 9 Ashrams/temples, fed millions of people, advised government and corporate leaders, performed what can be called Miracles, influenced current American and Indian society, brought grace into the lives of countless suffering people, and all the while remained out of the "public eye."

It is believed that by the time maharaj ji was 17 years old He knew EVERYTHING. This is to be taken to mean a knowing that is actually incomprehensible to you and me. A knowing that is all. The knowing of Bhagvan. The knowing of God.


Ashrams and Temples

Experiences with maharaj ji

Memoirs of Neem Karoli Baba in Vrindavan

It might seem strange that I am writing about Neem Karoli Baba because I have no stories about him. But I did see him, and since it was one of the most memorable events of my life, I want to add my voice to those who speak of his greatness. (If you do not know about his life, please read some of the books about him. They are a great inspiration.) read more
Geeta -

The Story of Writing of Vinaya Chalisa

At around 5:00 PM, I went to the manager of the Ashram and asked for Prabhu Dayalji's* room. Only a few minutes ago, somebody had told me that the writer of Vinaya Chalisa and Pushpanjali had come for today's bhandara. I did not want to lose an opportunity and so rushed to him. He was sitting peacefully in his room, a sober looking bespectacled man read more
Geeta -

It's All Love

During my initial experience with Maharajji, I focused on two aspects of his being : that he knew everything and that he was loving me unconditionally.
It took me a long time to put the two together in myself, to understand the depth of a being who could do that. I had to go from identifying in my head to identifying in my heart-mind. read more
Geeta -

He Loved Everybody

How do I explain who maharaj ji was and how he did what he did ? I don't have any explanation. May be it was his love of God. I can't explain who he was.
I can almost begin to understand how he loved everybody. I mean, that was his job, he was a saint. Saints are supposed to love everybody. But that's not what always staggered me, not that he loved everybody read more
Geeta -

Girija About Maharajji

maharaj ji was about the same height as his younger son, right around six feet. maharaj ji loved atte ke laddoo(wheat flour laddoo), kheer(milk preparation) and pua(this is the standard prasad at the Kainchi June 15 bhandara every year). He also loved mangoes and milk. In salty foods, he loved aloo gobhi(cauliflower potato preparation) read more
Geeta -

About Baba Neem Karori

About Maharaj ji’s Durbar

Lovingly addressed as Maharaj, Baba was a master of the spiritual world. Some compared the gathering of devotees around him to the court of a king surrounded by his courtiers.

Krishna Das - About Maharajji

Because we're physical beings, and because we are identified with our physical bodies, we seem to think that a Guru, a real Guru, is also a physical body. But it's not that way.

The Saint Called Nobody

"He appeared and disappeared for years, being known by different names in various parts of India. His western devotees knew him as Neem Karoli Baba,


maharaj ji in form